1. Wild Fires

    One of natures amazing elements that makes incredible images ... Fire!

  2. RFS 650 Endurance

    Donaldson Cross Country Champion 2015 - Round 1 - Harrismith

  3. Urban Lightning

    When nature lights up the city skies

  4. JUMA 2014

    Jozi Urban Mountain Bike Assult

  5. Vredefort 250

    Northern Regions Cross Country Championship - 2015 - Round 1

  6. IFS Coal Dust Rally

    Northern Regions Rally Championship - 2014 - Ogies

  1. Strange, but true!

    There is the odd occassion when I am doing photography that I get a pleasant surprise when start viewing and processing images. When I do lightning photography, I use the following kit & aids; Nikon D7100, image quality set to "fine", lens; normal the…

  2. Let your message & story be heard!

    A while back Adobe launch a mobile app for tablets called VOICE. Adobe Voice Turn your story into a stunning animated video. In minutes. Delivering a pitch, explaining a concept in school or telling a personal story has never been easier. Voice will make…